Nature in the City

This tileset was made to match the aesthetic style of a fictional gallery exhibit “Nature Outlets”, which investigates our everyday connection with nature and nature as a source of inspiration for art. Additional focuses included mental health and wellbeing through connection with nature and seeking nature in urban Madison. The gallery theme is largely motivated by the major lifestyle changes demanded by the pandemic. While international, regional, and even local travel is limited, we collectively are spending more time at home than ever before and seeking outlets for nature and recreation in our own neighborhoods. The exhibit includes a virtual gallery of submitted artwork, as well as an outdoor art and natural history tour around the Madison area. This tileset was developed as the basecamp for the fictitious natural history tour.

This tileset holds up in surrounding areas, however, is largely focused on the Madison-area, as the gallery exhibit is also focused on the Madison experience. The map includes featured scenic routes and references to observed #neature, like butterflies, birds and mammals. The overall aesthetic evokes a sense of natural awe and adventure, and appeals to residents who are active walkers/bikers/runners. The oversized, detailed symbols are not meant to mark discrete geographic points, but are rather abstract representations of wildlife that the artist/mapper has observed in those locations. The scenic routes are recommended routes that utilize green corridors of scenic lakeshore paths to connect various Madison-area parks. These scenic routes are artist/mapper favorites! These points, along with the various greens of different types of natural landcover, are meant to be the focus of the map. The map suggests recommended “scenic routes” while drawing in the viewer to explore deeper (through zoom), thus encountering trail and bike path layers. Ultimately, I hope to create a functional Madison-area trail map that includes those usually overlooked nuggets of trail.