Applying LANDFIRE data

This assessment was completed under collaboration and mentoring from Randy Swaty, of The Nature Conservancy's LANDFIRE Team. The core datasets used in this assessment included LANDFIRE's Biophysical Settings (BpS) model and Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) model, both substantially updated in a 2016 "Remap". Since these models are available for the entire United States, the assessment methodology can be modified for any region of the US. Read more about the application of LANDFIRE data in the Fire Needs Assessment in the Methodology documentation.

Informed initiatives

Prescribed fire is an essential process for conserving natural plant communities in Wisconsin. Prescribed burning is an established practice among all major state and federal agencies, large nonprofit conservation organizations, private contractors and landowners who engage in ecosystem restoration and management in the state. Learn more about why we burn.

The Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council (WPFC) strives to increase the capacity for prescribed burning in Wisconsin to address critical conservation needs. The Wisconsin Fire Needs Assessment helps to inform future initiatives of the Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council by providing a recommended prioritization and a quantitative benchmark for prescribed fire application. Read more about our mission.

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