As an Ecologist, I planned and implemented ecological restoration in southern Wisconsin with private landowners, municipalities, and non-profits (2016-2021). My work focused on restoration of native prairie and oak-dominated communities, including prairie planting and maintenance, restorative forestry, and prescribed burning.

With private landowners, I helped balance ecological, logistical, and financial goals to initiate restoration projects, as well as develop long term land stewardship plans; >15 projects, >100K revenue. I additionally interacted with two local municipalities as a consultant; >800 ac of conservancy, 100k revenue.

In 2017, Adaptive Restoration was awarded a contract to write the City of Middleton’s Conservancy Lands Plan 2018-2023. Over the next six months, I acted as project manager and lead writer. The project involved reviewing and compiling City records, meeting with stakeholders, arranging a public meeting, working with a subcontractor, and presenting the synthesis to relevant City committees, staff and City Council.

Highlights of my restoration work:

  • Planned, implemented, and monitored land stewardship guided by strong relationships with landowners.
  • Developed a deep knowledge of native prairie, woodland, and wetland communities through time spent in the field.
  • Performed ecological assessments and botanical surveys of natural areas.
  • Planned and implemented prescribed burns > 200 burns.
  • Implemented restoration with a crew of restoration technicians. Activities included seed mix design, seeding, forestry, and weed management.
  • Lead volunteer groups with restoration activities.